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Sean Knight in Venice November 2006 in a newly purchased jacket

Who and what is Greenlord Cosmic Design?

Greenlord Cosmic Design is the trading name of Seán Knight, designer and maker of the garments on these pages.

The main idea behind making interesting clothing of this sort is that men's clothing is generally very boring, especially in "Western" society, which mostly results from the combination of Puritan and Protestant religious beliefs coming before the industrial revolution.

Up until the Renaissance, men's clothing in Europe was much more interesting.  Since then it has progressively become more drab, uniform and unimaginative.  The West has imposed this boring clothing on the rest of the world, supressing and replacing the interesting traditional costumes of Asia, Africa, Polynesia and many other places.

Greenlord Cosmic Design is not considering women's fashion as there are many others who cater for that market — although the cloaks are essentially unisex garments.  However, for men who want to dress with flair and style and stand out from the crowd there is not so much choice.  It depends how far outside the "norm" for clothing one is prepared to go.  I believe Greenlord Cosmic Design is at the cutting edge of a new wave in men's clothing for the Western world that will see our fashion transformed into something new that draws on many parts of the past and many places in the world for inspiration.

I have been inspired recently by the pages about "men's unbifurcated garments" — Google that phrase to see more.  I have made a couple of kilts for myself and am looking at designing more garments in the range of "men's skirts".  See me below on a recent visit to New Zealand at the Hobbiton Movie Set in my camo kilt with a green elven cloak.

I have taken inspiration from film and television costume dramas, history, fantasy and science-fiction, and will continue to make new, interesting and stylish garments for those who dare to wear them!

Seán Knight
In Venice November 2006 with my partner Warrick
In Venice with Fiorella, another fashion artist, at her shop.  Check out her store dummies!

Sean at the Hobbiton Movie Set in New Zealand 1

Outside the remnants of Bilbo's door.

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